WORTH SEEING: Well this helped the day.

This one of the jogger I saw last night was easily my favorite.


Find Your Greatness. The best commercials during the Olympics aren’t even about the Summer Games. Nike has managed to pull off the best campaign despite not being an official sponsor or being allowed to mention the London games directly.

Instead, the brand taps into that exact feeling of what the games are all about - personal strength and achievement. Kudos to Nike, especially for the inspiring ad that featured Nathan, a 12-year-old jogger searching for his greatness. The ad aired during last night’s primetime coverage of the Olympics and may have brought a tear to the eye. 

Check out the :17 spots that make up the entire campaign:

[Wushu] [Handstand] [Pogo] [Diver] [Baseball] [Soccer] [Weightlifting] [Skate] [Sepak Takraw] [Gymnastics] [Basketball] [Marathon] [Wheelchair Racing] [Water Polo] [Boxing] [BMX] [Rugby] [Ultrarunner]

London Ontario!